Carl Mumpower, Ph.D.
  Clinical and Family Psychology
How may we help?
Dr. Mumpower is a clinical and family psychologist.  He works with adults, children, teens, parents and couples and has been in private practice for 39 years. 
Our practice focuses on approaches that -
  • Are practical...
  • Prioritize skills over pills...
  • Emphasize short-term therapy...
  • Encourage personal accountability...
We operate from a traditional value system - there won't be judgements - nor will there be unusual approaches.
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We like what we do, work hard to be of good help and are happy to answer questions by phone should you wish more information.

Carl Mumpower, Ph.D.
Pam Stewart, Practice Manager

Suite 309 - One Oak Plaza
Asheville, North Carolina  28801
(828) 252-8390 - (828) 318-2595 (Emergencies)

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